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A Designer's Guide To Built-in Self-test

RRP $29.99

A recent technological advance is the art of designing circuits to test themselves, referred to as a Built-In Self-Test (BIST). This idea was first proposed around 1980 and has grown to become one of the most important testing techniques at the current time, as well as for the future. This book is written from a designer's perspective and describes the major BIST approaches that have been proposed and implemented since 1980, along with their advantages and limitations. The BIST approaches include the Built-In Logic Block Observer, pseudo-exhaustive BIST techniques, Circular BIST, scan-based BIST, BIST for regular structures, BIST for FPGAs and CPLDs, mixed-signal BIST, and the integration of BIST with concurrent fault detection techniques for on-line testing. Particular attention is paid to system-level use of BIST in order to maximize the benefits of BIST through reduced testing time and cost as well as high diagnostic resolution. The author spent 15 years as a designer at Bell Labs where he designed over 20 production VLSI devices and 3 production circuit boards. Sixteen of the VLSI devices contained BIST of various types for regular structures and general sequential logic, including the first BIST for Random Access Memories (RAMs), the first completely self-testing integrated circuit, and the first BIST for mixed-signal systems at Bell Labs. He has spent the past 10 years in academia where his research and development continues to focus on BIST, including the first BIST for FPGAs and CPLDs along with continued work in the area of BIST for general sequential logic and mixed-signal systems. He holds 10 US patents (with 5 more pending) for various types of BIST approaches. Therefore, the author brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to this practical guide for designers, test engineers, product engineers, system diagnosticians, and managers.

A Practical Guide To Air Quality Compliance, 2nd Edition

RRP $439.99

This easy-to-read guide links the regulatory and technical aspects of air quality compliance in one self-contained volume.<br> <br> This unique handbook explains air quality compliance in plain language, free of legalese. Russell E. Erbes draws on twenty years of industrial air quality compliance experience as he clarifies the complex regulatory and technical issues facing industry in the wake of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. He guides the reader through a labyrinth of demanding regulations, rising costs, and complex procedures.<br> <br> A Practical Guide to Air Quality Compliance, Second Edition, sorts through requirements and helps environmental professionals manage compliance effectively and efficiently--whatever the needs of their facilities. Filled with real-world examples that illustrate both problems and solutions, it features: <br> * Unwritten applicability guidelines known only by technical experts in air compliance. <br> * Tips on obtaining permits and variances, and monitoring and ensuring compliance. <br> * Appendices that explain terms, list air toxins and potential health risks, and more. <br> * Coverage of Title V programs, acid rain provisions, stratospheric ozone protection, atmospheric dispersion modeling, and risk assessment methodologies. <br> * A chapter on the new criminal and civil penalties for noncompliance. <br> * A survey of the major differences among federal, state, and local requirements.<br> <br> <br> For environmental managers and engineers at industrial facilities, environmental consultants and attorneys, and professionals in regulatory agencies, this practical guide removes the guesswork from the air quality compliance process.

Delict - A Comprehensive Guide To The Law

RRP $260.99

"This new work provides a reminder of how extensive is the range of the law of delict The subject might suggest the image of a large mansion to which many additions have been made over the years in response to changing conditions in society This book rises to the challenge and offers the fortunate visitor a systematic guide to the edifice." From the Foreword by The Rt Hon. Lord Cullen PC, Lord Justice-Clerk <br> <br> The Scots law of delict encompasses a vast array of legal sources and contradictions many elements are modern and highly developed while others remain ancient and obscure. The majority of delictual principles are caselaw driven and yet, increasingly, legislation plays a part. Further, although the concept of delict is limited to the Scottish jurisdiction, private international law cannot be ignored. Recognising the multi-faceted nature of the subject, the authors of Delict have produced, in one single volume, a truly comprehensive guide to the law. Illustrated throughout with numerous explanatory case studies, and featuring key questions after each chapter which act as a useful aid to comprehension, this is essential reading for all students encountering delict for the first time as well as practitioners who require a ready reference for their practice.

The Elements Of Style

RRP $34.99

Asserting that one must first know the rules to break them, this classic reference is a must-have for any student and conscientious writer. Intended for use in which the practice of composition is combined with the study of literature, it gives in brief space the principal requirements of plain English style and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated.

About the Author

William Strunk Jr. (1869-1946) was professor of English at Cornell University. He wrote The Elements of Style in 1918 for the use of his students, who dubbed it "the little book."

A User's Guide To Trade Marks And Passing Off (4th Ed)

RRP $335.99

A User's Guide to Trade Marks and Passing Off, 4th edition focuses on the current law relating to the protection of registered trademarks and certain related rights. This includes registered trade marks, well-known trade marks, certification marks, collective marks, protested geographical origin indicators, international conventions, and Passing off...There is clear explanation of the underlying principles and concepts with a breakdown of procedural matters, thereby helping to tie the different areas together...Includes the following case law:.Illustrative cases such as Lush, Scrabble, Starbucks, Glee Club and Jack Wills; Cadbury and what it means for registering colours as trade marks; How to tackle survey evidence after Interflora; Greek yoghurt continuing the Vodkat line of passing-off cases; Specsavers - Europe's view on the effect of using elements not included in a trade mark registration....Previous print edition ISBN: 9781845921569


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