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A Comprehensive Guide To Medical Marijuana

RRP $18.99

For starters, it is important to know and understand that different terms are used to define marijuana, yet they generally all mean the same: cannabis, which will be used interchangeably with marijuana throughout this guide, pot, herb, weed and ganja to name a few. Medical marijuana states, as from July 8, 2014, 22 states including the District of Columbia have enacted state medical marijuana legislation, and one state has come up with academic programs aimed at helping its patients in the future. These states are; Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Washington and Vermont. Another ten states; Iowa, Alabama*, Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky, North and South Carolina*, Wisconsin, Tennessee* and Utah have put in place laws that allow for a limited number of people to use CBD oil, which is a component of cannabis or high-CBD cannabis. The states with (*) are those with laws that create research programs and patients need to participate in the programs to get access to the marijuana oil. In the state of Florida, a popular law known as "Charlotte's Web" bill was named after a particular medical marijuana strain known to have low THC and high CBD content, but the law itself doesn't specify that a specific strain should be used. In May 2014, Minnesota also passed limited medical marijuana legislation. The legislation doesn't include people getting access to whole plant medicines in whatever form, but only concentrates or extracts and the actual smoking is not permitted. If you suffer from a medical condition in which therapeutic interventions or traditional drugs are not effectively working, medical marijuana doctors may recommend that you use marijuana to relieve symptoms and pain. This guide will discuss things to know about medical marijuana.

A Smart Girl's Guide To Knowing What To Say

RRP $19.95

A friend talks about you behind your back. What do you say to her? You want to watch a TV show that's on past your bedtime. How do you ask your parents? You break your friend's favorite CD. How do you apologize? In American Girl's latest Smart Girl's Guide, you'll learn the exact words to say in these situations, plus more than 200 others!. Tell a friend that you're sorry for her loss. Ask a teacher for more help. Stand up to a bully. Let someone how much they mean to you. Inside this book, you'll find the tools, tips, techniques, (and actual words!) to help you untangle your tongue and speak out with confidence and grace.

A Guide To Chi-squared Testing

RRP $482.99

The first step-by-step guide to conducting successful Chi-squared tests<br> <br> Chi-squared testing is one of the most commonly applied statistical techniques. It provides reliable answers for researchers in a wide range of fields, including engineering, manufacturing, finance, agriculture, and medicine.<br> <br> A Guide to Chi-Squared Testing brings readers up to date on recent innovations and important material previously published only in the former Soviet Union. Its clear, concise treatment and practical advice make this an ideal reference for all researchers and consultants.<br> <br> Authors Priscilla E. Greenwood and Mikhail S. Nikulin demonstrate the application of these general purpose tests in a wide variety of specific settings. They also <br> * Detail the various decisions to be made when applying Chi-squared tests to real data, and the proper application of these tests in standard hypothesis-testing situations <br> * Describe how Chi-squared type tests allow statisticians to construct a test statistic whose distribution is asymptotically Chi-squared, and to compute power against various alternatives <br> * Devote half of the book to examples of Chi-squared tests that can be easily adapted to situations not covered in the book <br> * Provide a self-contained, accessible treatment of the mathematical requisites <br> * Include an extensive bibliography and suggestions for further reading

Leisure, Lifestyle And The New Middle Class

RRP $640.99

In this valuable study, conducted within the theoretical context associated with the work of Pierre Bourdieu, Derek Wynne looks at how the 'new middle class' of the late twentieth century goes about constructing and defending its social identity.

A Teacher's Guide To Ancient Technology

RRP $14.99

This is one of a series for teachers which aims to show how historical resources can be used as a basis of study in specific areas of work across a range of curriculum subjects. Each book contains practical exercises and ideas to aid understanding for groups at different levels, and this one focuses on ancient technology.


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