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Hobin Luckyfeller's Fieldguide

RRP $13.99

An ancient puzzle box. Fourteen letters. A Council of Whispers. ...and a clerk. Discover the 700 year old secret millions died to protect. Goodreads members call this book, "Surprising," "Emotional," "Fantastic," and, ..".one of the best love stories I have ever read." With an average rating of 5 Stars, ..".you've got me hooked in a way that I can't shake." Get your FREE copy today! "I must dedicate part of this review to the author, Jaime Buckley. This guy is a genius. The effort and heart he has obviously put into his work, the characters and this world is mind-blowing." - Jennifer, UK "The pacing of this book was perfect! As I said, it's only a short story, and sometimes it's difficult to get the pacing right in short stories, however Mr. Buckley gets the pacing spot on! I found myself wanting to know more before I had even finished the chapter I was on!" - Heather, AU "I've read plenty of books that have gnomes IN them, but having one for the main character was not only new, but this was one of the most enjoyable books I've ever read." - Leilani, USA "This book has all of the qualities of a great mystery and a great fantasy molded together into a wonderful story. As a mystery and fantasy junkie, I couldn't be more thrilled that those genres were combined!" - Kaitlyn, USA "I would have thought it well worth reading just for the finale." - Shadowlantern, USA "I was able to connect with the characters so well, Jaime's writings have a way to bring out emotions ( good and bad) that make you feel that you know and care for the people your reading about in the book." - Jeremiah, USA Experience the wonders of this fictional world at https: //

A Practical Guide To Managing Clinical Trials

RRP $289.99

This book is a practical guide for researchers, study staff and students on proper and compliant conduct of clinical trials. It is intended to provide a user-friendly reference for day-to-day operations of industry-sponsored, FDA regulated studies. This practical guide takes the reader through each step of the process including site selection, site set-up, staff roles and responsibilities, training and qualifications, budget and contract review, negotiation and management, in-depth review of study visits, data management and documentation, trial reporting, audits and inspections. Each chapter concludes with a review of key points, short exercises to apply knowledge, and review questions.

Gcse Geography Ocr B Revision Guide (a*-g Course)

RRP $16.99

This book is full of clear revision notes and detailed diagrams for GCSE Geography students. It covers all the topics in the current course for the OCR B exams, including the latest requirements for spelling, punctuation and grammar. There's also an exam skills section that contains useful tips for grades all the way up to A*. Everything you need to know is explained simply and thoroughly, including a wide range of essential case studies.

The Politics Of Style

RRP $329.99

This book develops a Marxist theory of literary style. The first part explains why Raymond Williams, Terry Eagleton and Fredric Jameson came to see style as central to political criticism. It delineates the historical and conceptual preconditions for the emergence of a 'politics of style', and uncovers an underground current of stylistics within the Marxist tradition from Marx to Barthes. The second part sets out precisely what each thinker has written on style and demonstrates how this came to figure in their overall intellectual and political projects, focusing above all on a detailed reconstruction of Williams's best-known concept, the 'structure of feeling'. Finally, the third part sets out an independent theory of style and makes an ambitious attempt to establish it as a foundational element of a new Marxist poetics.

Dom's Guide To Submissive Training Vol. 3

RRP $18.99

You may think that every Master has a huge house filled with either gothic decor or fluffy white couches, and a ridiculously full selection of paddles, straps, whips, crops, restraints, sex toys, and bondage gear.

Fortunately, you don't have to pay a hundred dollars for a specialty flogger or purchase a wedge from Extreme Restraints for three hundred bucks in order to be a great Dom and provide your sub with hours of bondage, spanking and fun.

Most of the things you need to give your submissive the spanking of a lifetime, a punishment to fit the crime, or just an incredible bondage experience can be found right in your own home. Your sub will not only enjoy the variety of experiences in her sessions but also appreciate your creativity.

"Dom's Guide to Submissive Training Vol. 3" gives you 31 common objects you already own or can purchase for minimal cost and keep right out in the open that will enhance your BDSM relationship and provide you and your sub hours of pleasure.

Aside from the cost savings, there is another benefit to using everyday objects in your BDSM training and session fun - discretion. Not every person can be seen walking down the street or through an airport with a leather whip in his hand or a wooden paddle in his bag. Many Doms must conceal their activities from employers, social circles, or vanilla spouses. Common objects make it easier to engage in important rituals without detection.


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