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Maker Projects For Kids Who Love Fashion

RRP $17.95

In this highly visual title, readers will find out where fashion trends originate, learn about cutting-edge technologies such as digital prints and smart clothing, and discover how to use up-cycling to create original fashion statements. They will also learn about choosing patterns and textiles, and be instructed on how to do design techniques such as basic sewing, beading, and stenciling. The book includes several imaginative Maker projects to inspire readers to create works of fashion art.

Learn To Be A Fashion Designer! Glamour Girl Sketchbook

RRP $12.99

You can be a fashion designer with the Learn to be a Fashion Designer Sketchbook! Follow the tips and tricks inside to create your own fun style. This adorable 96-page sketchbook has a spiral binding which makes it easy for budding designers to lay flat for ease of use, and also has 3 sheets of cool stickers to inspire and embellish your fantastic designs! Featuring information on different design styles and blank templates to illustrate designs on, your skills can be displayed in all their glory in these amazing Glamour Girl titles!

Drawing Fashion & Style

RRP $29.99

A fabulous step-by-step guide to fashion drawing.

Beautiful full-colour illustrations will inspire readers, and easy-to-follow steps teach the reader how to create their own fashion drawings.

The book includes a comprehensive introduction section with tips on the best drawing tools, fashion line styles, inking and colouring, and basic figure construction.

About the Author

British designer and illustrator, Hilary Lovell, has been working in the fashion industry for fourteen years. She has worked for high-profile fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, and Estee Lauder, as well as British High Street chains Marks and Spencer and Next. She was the Senior Fashion Designer for Sindy dolls and has designed children's clothing and nursery ranges for the UK and worldwide.

Inspire Your World In Times Like This

RRP $12.99

What meaning has a life when a man would wake early into the morning working till late night with nothing to show for it? What is the meaning of working like an elephant, whilst chopping like ant? What is the meaning of near-success syndrome that is the hallmark of some lives? I fail to understand. Surely, I never believed that life could be so ridiculed; I never agreed that man's superlative efforts could yield nothingness in result. I found no reason to explain away such a state of helplessness, until somehow I became a victim. But God was there to comfort my soul. He turned my tears to inspirational rainbow pieces that represent this book of motivational poems. These works are products of deep inspiration in times of helplessness and hopelessness; they are products of experience of many years of wandering in the desert. The whole truth can be easily appreciated when viewed from the background of the fact that I am not schooled in the area of poetry, or even the arts. In any case, I still believe that having passed through harsh times for years, and having read countless inspirational works, and having had contact with many inspirational speakers, I naturally stand in a good position to inspire others to greatness: more so when the lord has since lifted me to greater heights, and has continually blessed me. The works in this book are not different, in effect, from the Psalms of the Holy Bible, and other similar inspirational verses that serve to revive our souls in times of depression: lifting us up from doldrums to stardom! The expression contained in the works serve good materials for SMS to encourage friends as they daily battle with activities of this life. The whole thing presents a proper arrangement to give the desired effect: the book harps on the importance of the following (in the whole success process): learning, vision, courage, wisdom, hard work, faith, prayer and the belief in yourself to succeed. It is all about poeticizing positive thoughts, it's all about transforming subjects on morality into poetry. Those who would like to move higher in life should consider helping others get to some levels equally. The poems are arranged, taking these key areas in mind. The pieces of advice from learned individuals have also been considered in the making of this masterpiece. Surely, this book makes a wonderful possession.

The Fashion Fairies #4: Alexa The Fashion Reporter Fairy

RRP $9.99

Fashion AND fairies? An unbeatable combination!

The Fashion Fairies use their magic accessories to make sure that fashion everywhere is fun and fresh. But when jealous Jack Frost steals their magic away, it could lead to a fashion flop! Luckily, Rachel and Kirsty are ready to dive into another fairy adventure. . . .

Reporting on fashion is an important job -- but it's no fun when everything goes wrong! Now that Alexa the Fashion Editor Fairy's magic is missing, nothing is going right.


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