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A Well-dressed Lady's Pocket Guide

RRP $19.99

A new 'ladies' version of the best-selling A Well-Dressed Gentleman's Pocket Guide, this book is an exhaustive bible to dressing well for all occasions. Whether you are presented with a black-tie dress code or concerned about what underwear to buy, this book will emphatically answer all your sartorial questions. Karen Homer, a fashion journalist for the past 15 years, offers in-depth advice on how to dress, accompanied by interesting facts about how our clothes have evolved over the years.

Packed with information, the book is written in a straight-forward style with fashion tips laid out in easy- to-follow bullet points. These are accompanied by illustrations demonstrating techniques such as tying a scarf or showing the difference between fashion details, such as necklines and collars. Any woman who wants to avoid fashion mistakes and ensure she is impeccably and appropriately dressed for every occasion will adore this book.

About the Author

Karen Homer is a fashion writer who has written for Vogue and The Times. She has authored three books, including Things a Woman Should Know About Shoes.

Fashion Guide For Beginners

RRP $15.99

Can what you wear really change your life? As I listened to Meg, a successful author, telling the following story on a creative writing course recently, it dawned on me that maybe it could. Later, when I looked at the psychological evidence and did my own research, as a university professor and lover of clothes, I became convinced of the huge, transformational power of clothing. Starting a fashion business is possible and with the right know how, problem solving skills and a true desire to create a brand that has value it can be done by anyone. Follow your instinct, make your decisions and stay focused. I believe in working smart and not hard. This road map will help you avoid major mistakes that many fashion start-ups run into. It will guide you through the storm and help you break down the collection development process step-by-step. If this guide can help you make smarter decisions, choose the right people to work with or at the very least save you money, then it has succeeded in helping those passionate about trying to change the world via fashion industry. The methods used in this book are used by personal shoppers and stylists to assist their clients in creating a fruitful and well-structured wardrobe. This advice will enable you to easily style yourself perfectly every morning before you leave for work. Follow these guidelines and you will be consistently dressed to impress.

Gordon Gekko Guide

RRP $18.99

Here is a Preview Of What the Gordon Gekko Guide contains: A look into who the legendary Gordon Gekko actually is Life lessons from Gordon Gekko A look into Gordon Gekko's investing strategies Gordon Gekko's wardrobe - flawless men's fashion Gordon Gekko's best quotes And Much More!

Maker Projects For Kids Who Love Fashion

RRP $17.95

In this highly visual title, readers will find out where fashion trends originate, learn about cutting-edge technologies such as digital prints and smart clothing, and discover how to use up-cycling to create original fashion statements. They will also learn about choosing patterns and textiles, and be instructed on how to do design techniques such as basic sewing, beading, and stenciling. The book includes several imaginative Maker projects to inspire readers to create works of fashion art.

Boc Study Guide

RRP $274.99

The long-awaited new edition of The Board of Certifcation Study Guide - the authoritative study tool for preparing for the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) and Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) certification examinations - has been updated and expanded to include new sections on molecular pathology, lab information, safety, answers and explanations for each question, and much more. More than 2,000 multiple-choice questions are presented in a format and style similar to those on the actual BOC certification examination. They're also organised within the chapters to correspond to the major content areas on the examination. New features requested by users of the previous edition have now been added, and each practice question now includes an answer and a brief explanation, with suggestions for additional information sources for more information. Note - at a glance - whether a question is appropriate for both MT/MLS and MLT levels or MT/MLS only. Zero in on a specific topic within a chapter and access questions that relate to that topic. Questions with images appear as they would on the exam. Questions and answers are included for every key laboratory specialty - blood bank, chemistry, hematology, immunology, operations, microbiology, molecular pathology, and urinalysis and body fluids.


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